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    Nutrition & Meal Planner

    You will receive customisable weekly Meal Plans automatically tailored to your exact energy needs which change each time you update your weight.

    New Meal Plan & Interactive Shopping List delivered weekly each Thursday. You will buy your own food and at the same time save money

    Swap out Meals or Snacks to your taste

    Weekly Nutritional Intake chart ensures you get a well-balanced nutritional Meal Plan

    Plus, you’ll have access to over 500 tasty meals and snacks

    Nutrition data is sourced from NUT TAB and FDA databases.

    Health of the meal plans is validated against recommendations on National Health and Medical Research Council.

    Powered by "The Word on Food" software.

  • Features

    Personal Dashboard

    Comprehensive personal dashboard.

    Cumulative Weekly Intake nutritional chart to help you keep your Meal Plan healthy when swapping meals

    Weight, BMI, body measurements, exercise & steps

    Historical data displayed as charts

    Before & after photos

  • Features


    Mindset is overlooked in so many weight loss programs, but it really is one of the key factors

    You'll get one mindset article per week to help you stay motivated

    Many useful articles to help you change your eating habits or any food realted false beliefs

    A personal Diary and mindset measuring tool

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    A social media support community is an integral part of our members success

    Connect via our website to our social media Facebook page

    Wherever you are, your social media family are behind you and supporting you every step of the way

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    Our unique solution allows individuals to embark on their own weight management journey…



    ... or include their entire family or group of friends in the same program at no extra cost.


    Sensible & Sustainable Weight Management

    The Eat Well Challenge is not a fad or gimic diet. We have prepared 12 weeks of meal plans which include a balanced diet containing all types of food and macronutrients balanced as recommended by the National Health & Medical Research Council of Australia guidelines. Weight management is about learning what your own required healthy portion sizes look like and gradually achieving your ideal weight over a 4 or 12 week period.


    in 4 weeks


    in 14 weeks


    in 12 weeks


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    As a busy mum I was terrible for skipping meals and eating on the run. The Eat Well challenge provided me with easy to follow, quick recipes to create delicious meals. With so many breakfast recipe options, easy snacks ideas and lunch prepared and cooked with dinner the night before, I ate more regularly and lost almost 5kg. This is a fantastic program for the 12 week duration and beyond. I highly recommend it!

    Alicia Green - 37, Surrey Hills VIC Australia


    The 12 week eat well challenge was an amazing program to follow, easy delicious recipes that made enough food for lunch the next day. Great prices and easy to follow. I feel so much better without the extra weight on and I've learnt so much during the 12 weeks that I can apply to my everyday life. I would definitely recommend to anyone.

    Casey - 30, Melbourne Australia


    Taking on the 12 week challenge was hard both physically and mentally. It took a lot of preparation and time - to not only prep your food but also your mind to achieve your goal - but it was definitely worth it. I found this program extremely easy to follow - as it kept track of the balance required in the food I selected, as well as it charted my progress during the weeks.

    Katherine - 34, QLD Australia



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    Eat well and reclaim your body. Anyone can do it! For only 80 AUD you gain access to the best meal planning solution in the world.

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