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Nutrition & Meal Planner

  • You’ll receive customisable weekly Meal Plans automatically tailored to your exact energy needs that will change each time you update your weight loss progress
  • New Meal Plan & Interactive Shopping List delivered weekly each Thursday. You will buy your own food and at the same time save money
  • Swap out Meals or Snacks to your taste
  • Weekly Nutritional Intake chart ensures you get a well-balanced nutritional Meal Plan
  • Plus, you’ll have access to over 500 tasty meals and snacks
  • Nutrition data is sourced from NUT TAB and FDA databases.
  • Health of the meal plans is validated against recommendations on National Health and Medical Research Council.
  • Powered by "The Word on Food" software.

Personal Dashboard

  • Comprehensive personal dashboard
  • Cumulative Weekly Intake nutritional chart to help you keep your Meal Plan healthy when swapping meals
  • Weight, BMI, body measurements, exercise & steps
  • Historical data displayed as charts
  • Before & after photos


  • Mindset is overlooked in so many weight loss programs, but it really is one of the key factors
  • You'll get one mindset article per week to help you stay motivated
  • Many useful articles to help you change your eating habits or any food realted false beliefs
  • A personal Diary and mindset measuring tool


  • A social media support community is an integral part of our members success
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    23rd February 2016

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    Proper nutrition is very important as it allows certain foods to help you to keep a youthful appearance. We reveal which five foods should be include in your diet to keep you looking younger.

  • The Three Most Famous Myths Of Food
    23rd February 2016

    Is bread, sugar, fat, egg, margarine and potato allowed in the daily diet? How to find the truth and avoid pitfalls in eating a healthy diet.